About SR

Simply Rocks is a wholesale & retail nursery / rock yard located in beautiful Snohomish

Our goal is to provide people with plants and rocks they need to make the world a more beautiful place.  Our passion exists in landscapes, but our focus is on ‘you’ the customer.

We take pride in our personalized service; always going the extra mile in order to build valuable relationships. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner we are equipped to meet your needs, so we encourage everyone come discover our inspiring yard.

Meet the Crew:




Stefan Grunkemeier grew up in the family landscape business, beginning his training at the young age of 12. His Father, Brian, would take Stefan to work with him during the summer months. What started as a way to simply earn some extra spending money developed over time into a passion to create works of art through stone. Taking great pride in his work, Stefan began his apprenticeship with one of the most talented landscape designers in the northwest at that time, Tim Stricker. Early on Tim described him as a “natural”, someone able to look at a landscape, a pile of rocks, and put it all together in a work of art with relative ease.

In 2005 Stefan founded Simply Rocks, and in 2012 the company transitioned away from installation to offer a full service rock yard. In 2020, Stefan moved his family out of state, passing on the operations of Simply Rocks to his very close friend, Willy. Nowadays Stefan enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Rachna, and 3 boys Jaden, Colton and Lawson. Martial arts, music, hunting, and riding dirt bikes are some of the activities they enjoy together.


World famous Manager

Willy Istvan first started working at Simply Rocks in 2011, and is not only the manager, but the most requested customer service representative here (everyone loves Willy). Born in Harbor City, California located near 2 ski resorts, and close to the water; Willy participated in many childhood activities such as skiing and going to the beach before moving to Everett, WA when he was 13.

Willy’s strong work ethic, great ideas, and motivated attitude make him an invaluable attribute to the Simply Rocks team. He is the reason the yard is always organized and running safely & smoothly, and he will always be there to greet customers with a smile.

Hunting, camping, fishing, and snowboarding are some of Willy’s favorite activities these days, as well as spending time with his 3 neices, Lyla, Evey and Hayz.



Best driver ever

Gary Poole (Garebear) brought the first truck load of rock to Simply Rocks back in 2005, while he was working for another rock outfit. Gary went through all the ups and downs of helping to grow the company, and his calming yet progressive nature served to keep the balance among teammates as they pressed forward. Gary finds the positive humor in everything and often acts like a carefree little kid. Then when you’re not ready, he’ll turn into the wise old man, and start blowing you up with truth bombs. The pep in his step, and the twinkle in his eyes tell a story beyond what we could put into words here. If you get the chance to meet him you will know why, as he will soon bring about a smile to your face.


Alejandra (with husband, Jose)


                                                                                                           Office manager   

Alejandra is one of the nicest, most loyal, hard working and competent people out there, and we’re honored to have her as the face of Simply Rocks. She works every day to make sure that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, as she juggles between phone calls, receiving paperwork, and customer purchases. Her family originally came from Oaxaca, Mexico, and she’s very proud to be a US citizen. Ale wear’s many different hats at Simply Rocks, and her work lays the foundation, so everything can run smoothly (so Willy doesn’t lose his mind). She’s nice and smiley almost all the time, but as a strong mother of 4, she also knows how to throw down the hammer when necessary.