Landscaping Rocks

Our selection varies from small round beach pebbles to huge rock slabs weighing thousands of pounds, and everything in between. Courteous staff is available to assist you in the buying process, and we can deliver to anywhere.

Rock Consultations

Many of our customers wish to buy the stone from us and do the work themselves. As fellow rock enthusiasts we encourage this activity, because we believe that rock work is not only attractive to view, but an enjoyable skill to discover as well. This is why we offer rock consultations to those who feel confident in their abilities, but desire some insight on the process.

Bluestone 1"-2" stand up

Bluestone 1″-2″ stand up


Bluestone 1"-2" pieces

Bluestone 1″-2″ patio


Bluestone 1"-2" tumbled pieces

Bluestone 1″-2″ tumbled pieces


Montana Slate 1"-2" Stand up

Montana Slate 1″-2″ Stand up

Montana slate 1"-2" pieces

Montana Slate 1″-2″ patio

Montana slate 1"-2" stepping stones

Montana SlateĀ 2″-3″ patio

Sage Green 1"-2" pieces

Sage Green 1″-2″ patio


Silver Strike 1"-2" pieces

Silver Strike 1″-2″ patio


Sock Eye 1"-2" pieces

Sockeye 1″-2″ patio

Cowboy Coffee 1"-2" stand up

Cowboy Coffee 1″-2″ stand up


Cowboy Coffee 1"-2" pieces

Cowboy Coffee 1″-2″ patio

Gold Rush 1"-2" pieces

Gold Rush 1″-2″ patio


Bubbler columns

Bubbler columns


Montana slabs/steps

Montana slabs/steps

Gold Rush stack stone

Gold Rush Drystack


Weathered granite boulders

Weathered granite boulders


Grey basalt boulders

Grey basalt boulders


Mexican beach pebbles

Mexican beach pebbles